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Tara continued

Brad, you want to ride the Container bicycle, and it does not want, that you did it.Then I added: I think, to you it is necessary to try to come to the decision, which arranged both of you.How to speak that children listened How to speak that children listened.Tara continued to cry, and Brad reflected on some time.Then he told me: I think that Tara can get up on a luggage carrier and to hold me until we go.I answered: This decision has to be discussed with Tara, but not with me.


By the way, many people really do not understand when they are thirsty.It is one of problems in a diet and in human health today.For the person who is emotionally healthy, we will call it so, always is in touch with the desires, it is not difficult to understand that he is thirsty.But there are people who are afraid to show the desires, to seem slabovolkny, impatient.Especially it often happens to women.The person convinces himself that it is necessary to spend less time for a toilet that it is less discomfort to cause to people around, it is not necessary to rise in the middle of lecture or occupations at school or during conversation with the person, with the head and to confess that at you such here humiliating requirement, low as it is called, call of the nature.

Direct purpose: to perceive

Eight calls with the white supports, six calls with black supports.They cover a sound row from With' to With.Respectively to these calls there are calls with brown supports.The stick and the muffler are applied to them.Direct purpose: to perceive sounds of various height.Indirect purpose: preparation for musical education, training of a thin motility of a brush and ruki.Age: about three years.How to work with material.Calls with white supports stand in the order of behind white fields of a keyboard board.

David F. When

If you have

If you have difficulties with statement of a sound x, deliver to the child at first a sound to, and then, leaning on the correct pronunciation of this sound a sound x.First of all try to cause a pronunciation of sounds x and to on to imitation in the first way.Statement of a sound x WAY I.STATEMENT OF THE SOUND ON IMITATION This way can be used, when the child or at all not utters a sound x instead of it the exhalation can be heard, or the deputy nyat it on a sound f.In operating time over a sound watch, that the child not opened widely a mouth, because of it it is most often broken about iznosheniye of zadneyazychny sounds back part of a back of language not dotyagi it is howled to a nb.

That the child

That the child grew the happy The child speaks: You will leave, how my mother or the father?Whether it is safe to love you?Whether it is safe to rely on you?Whether you are near or will leave if I am plo the chemical?Business also that the child in own way tortures sya to heal that part of who speaks: Probably, I was rather bad, time my parent left because somewhere in the child there lives this feeling that if it was better, kinder if it did.the house tasks or it is not important yet that, it would not occur.

To become, having

The same but to carry out a fungus the left hand.Help the child, correct errors, pay attention on the correct provision of a brush during a grebk.To become, having caved in, the right left foot direct ahead, left pra Wai the right left hand above, left prais bent in a knee behind, Wai at a hip and to carry out alternate grebk hands a crawl on to back.To become, having caved in the right hand above, left at a hip, and to carry out alternate grebk hands a crawl on a back, at the same time small short steps moving ahead a back.

, and your

, and your sixyearold di tya can start talking on a slang of the contemporaries or to begin to hate carrot only because his best friend hates it.Some of such manifestations of influence contemporaries are amusing, but others can seriously affect on bu child's shower.Number of certificates on strengthening of influence of contemporaries everything increases, researches of the nursery are most often mentioned drug addiction in the USA see.How to make that the child did not become to try drugs.

Syuz. To me to spit

The even

Oral lesson.The even odd.Figures and circles lie on a table in the order described above.The circles lying under some even number, for example, , distribute: One to you, one to me.The teacher asks: How many circles at you?How many at me?The child answers: At everyone on two!The teacher speaks: Means, at everyone equally.even number!Figure and circles corresponding to it are put in an initial order on the one hand of a table.Now distribute the circles lying under odd number, for example, The child learns that at such distribution everyone will receive different quantity of circles.

If it does

When syllables are said by the child without difficulties, soob board to it that after a sound z he says a sound r.After that the child has to say words to repeat them for you, beginning with sound combinations zr and sr zrazas, term, felling, pupil, etc..Suggest it to say a sound r separately.If it does not turn out, it is necessary to say a syllable zr the following in a way: a zra ra ra repeating only the second sound.At first it is necessary to say very quickly, then separating from each other syllables ra increasing and big pauses.

Why all of you are enough? I ska hall: Hold

Situation Mother.Stop to run to and fro on prokho du.I want that you held the mother's cart, so far we in shop.Why all of you are enough?I ska hall: Hold the cart!Put back these bananas.No, we do not buy them, at our place them fully.Stop to press tomatoes!I spin you I prezhdat if you do not hold the cart, you very much will regret.Take away a hand from here!I will choose ice cream.You again run.Want to fall?

I wanted

That me at conducted to it?One night, when I drove over Davy the house on meeting of boy scouts, his leader gave me to pass a sign to other room together with it.At it lo gloomy face.What happened?I asked nervously.I wanted to talk to you about David.We have a cart nikl small problems.Problems?David refuses to carry out instructions.I do not understand.What instructions?You have in a look the project on which it works now?

But, unfortunately, here

Now there are such fashionable movies when scoring does not approach at all that show.Someone from philosophers says that it is one of secrets ridiculous, as discrepancy of the purpose and way of its achievement.But, unfortunately, here not to laughter.After all it is quite possible that the father is very much vysokomoralk ache the personality, the person moral, vysokorekligiozny, responsible, whose family collapsed because of invasion of other person or owing to some views, belief, internal qualities of his former wife, but the child cannot come to contact with these positive qualities as there is a neblagokzhelatelnost, a malicious spirit, internal offense in mother's heart.


Using special positions, it is possible to put the full pronunciation of sounds l, t', d', r.After correction of a bite the pronunciation of these sounds is not required to be specified.In order that sounds turned out more exact, often it is necessary to resort to the exaggerated articulation of lips.Depending on what sound it is said, lips of the child have to or are stronger move forward forward, or to reveal loudhailer, that is to work is more active, than usually.After correction of a bite the superfluous the articulation of lips will need to be cleaned, that is to accustom the child to speak lazy, soft lips.

Then it is necessary

First of all it is necessary to know that training in swimming is possible nachi to nat only with the healthy person.Therefore before beginning to be engaged, it is necessary to visit the doctor and to receive from him on it razre sheniye.Then it is necessary to define where training will be provided to swimming and to study measures of accident prevention on water.In summertime it is possible to organize training in swimming with success on natural reservoirs in the lake, the river with a weak current, a pond.

Here that

They understood that it is possible to have everything, but only not all at once.Here that told Millie: When Ben was born, I took a fourmonths child care leave, then worked parttime four months then continued to work with a full employment.The hatch worked in shifts, and we in turn looked after the son, and at the age of four months we began to bring Ben to the nurse to the house three times a week.For me it was important to return for work, and I am glad that made it.

Before you will

Process of education and creation of the relations long and important.It is the contribution which is coming back a hundredfold and demanding from parents of time, efforts and understanding.Before you will start applying the methods offered below, see heads Communication and Work with feelings, as in them a soder to be important information how to encourage good to a pova deniye.In these heads the principles effective a level are stated Giya of education.You considerably will affect understanding degree and ability of the child to make contact and tactfully to behave, the EU whether will follow advice.

For such

Later parents and other family members actually reject, deprive of love, sometimes even hate that child who accomodated in himself the greatest, it is possible to tell, amount of negative emotions which were suppressed and squeezed out by other family members.For such children is characteristic to look for supports, cares, protection outdoors, to create some type of communication where it is not necessary to take the responsibility for unresolved problems of others.There is very serious principle which otobrakzhat operation of this mechanism of interaction between parents and children.

But, as a rule, two oneyearold

At this age they play only with adults or children is more senior than themselves which, supporting interaction, can make game cheerful and easy.Other kid can seem to us, parents, the good potential partner for our child.But, as a rule, two oneyearold children, playing together, quickly become sources of boredom and irritation of each other.All of us observed how children of this age quickly pass from the general game to fight moreover with application of the first plastic toy which fell into hands.

If you are not happy

If you are not happy how the child behaves, tell it about it and ask it to think up as all is possible to make in a different way: I know that you are angry and were tired to wait svo to it turn, but it does not mean that you can push together Katee from a swing.It is bad.As in a different way it is possible to arrange so, that it conceded?You can sometimes offer alternative lines behavior which will help both of you.If the child plachet That the child grew the happy because a bruise a knee, any arrangements will not help.

Now we know

Rather deeply knowing mechanisms of work of our thin body, the nature of our desires, we bear opredeklyonny responsibility for their application, after all the person who is allocated with a certain knowledge, has bolkshy responsibility, than the person who stays in ignorance.Now we know that happy and full development of the child requires ability correctly to control the motives, emotions, the feelings, to endure negative emotions, getting rid of them.We as parents, have to give the chance to the children to understand their own desires, to understand freely, deeply as speak, in a big way, without being afraid of that, having declared the desire, the child will face a nevozmozhknost of his execution for one reason or another, and we should reap the fruits, that is to face rough manifestation of negative emotions of the child.

Or you do not grant

We can realize it only from completeness when we possess something that we can give.We are so arranged.Nothing else can be invented here.Therefore that you have no need to build private life, actually is a consequence of that there is no saturation.Or you do not grant to yourself the right to receive love from those sources which at certain stages of life were available to you.You are in a certain deficiency of energy of vitamins of love as some psychologists speak.The vicious circle turns out.


Having left the bus, it saw low stone for pine forest.On it branches kakikhto lay unusual trees, with the glossy figured leaves.Unfamiliar aromas filled air.Petya rest muto thought that is near that garden with the wizard, about to speak to Torahs so much.Now we will check, the boy and re thought shitelno pulled on itself an iron gate.Garden it was really extremely beautiful, as about it also told.Petya went on the sandy to path, with astonishment looking back on the parties.

If still

Simple transition from abstract examples to the concrete can work wonders.Child, which not you kazyvat any interest in addition of six and five, can with big enthusiasm to deal with football players, a cat eye it is necessary to create team of people.If still to anything did not lead also you feeling it that lose patience, perhaps, it will be best of all, if you will leave this occupation.Some days without reading or lyu fight of other task which needs to be solved, will cause namno go there is less than harm than if you are constantly angry or to fly into a rage.


After a while this fish was caught by fishermen and in her belly two most beautiful and udivitelkny children found.Therefore there is such saying: The person assumes, and the Lord has.On the other hand, who knows, what would occur if our parents used the principles allowing to be embodied in their families only to pious souls?Perhaps, we with you so never also could not listen to surprising things which source is the Vedic knowledge.Would not have an opportunity to progress in spiritual life, in understanding of an ispolkneniye of duties, in development of the correct relations with other people.

The first

As children learn to be optimists and quickly to restore composure The love stimulates growth of the child, and also teaches it to vital things.The first two years of life the child learns to operate the emotions at parents.Naturally and important for the child to test all negative emotions: fear, grief, disappointment.But also it is important that the child did not endure them too long or too often.The travelers who visited the remote corners of our planet where people live neolytic communities often noticed something considerable in their needle, yurtas and straw huts babies of these communities almost never cry.

Results of researches

The state of health was especially depressing at those who considered that any of parents did not care of it in the childhood % of percent from them were seriously sick in the middle age in comparison with % of those to whom both parents gave heat.Results of researches of immune system say that the love protects your health.And the love received in the childhood, apparently, helps to keep health throughout all life.When business reaches an assessment of the extent of happiness quality which is very difficult for measuring, we can always rely on this defining factor health and mortality.

If it is possible

It is very important that your child knew a difference between the fan taziya and reality that he told the truth when it Yim et value i.e.almost all the time and that he felt that can tell you everything.If it is possible to tell everything, Motya the vation to lie significantly decreases.It is possible to reach it, working in the following directions.To talk about lie.It is clear let know that to tell the truth important.Discuss as the lie can hurt and another, and to the person who lies.


At any obsto yatelstvo it is important to remember two facts.Babies from TV commercial do not cry, do not shout, not an otrygiva yut to you on a back also do not wake up in the most improper time.Mothers from TV commercial always smile and find time to brush the hair.Real life has with it no anything the general.As any person, you have the right for emotions, potrebno st, merits and demerits and also the right for, that sometimes to be mistaken.You will never become ideal mother, and your kid Ida the alny child, but and has to be.

But the request

Because parents, eventually, do not understand the claims stated by them.How not to guess why children do not obey them, do not want to cooperate?Women are inclined to speak about what they are nedovolkna.But the request usually so also does not follow it.That is this effect is called Guess a melody.The one to whom make a claim, has to draw itself opredelenkny conclusions and understand that from it wanted.Very often it brings men to a white kaleniye, but children in this situation simply test a certain bespomoshchknost and misunderstanding.

Not butterflies, the Fingertype

BOWS At little Katyushka to lower hands down, to hold palms parallel to a floor Took seat on the top To put palms on the head.Not butterflies, the Fingertype game Butterfly see fig.b.Not birdies The fingertype game Birdie see fig..Hold two braids.To represent a bow on the top: to put fingers in the form of ovals fig..Fig.Bow SCARF The path is sewedis connected, To represent knitting on spokes.

So happens

Practically even by forty years such person cannot understand, what his taste of happiness.And the adult man finds multimillion club of people who are united by the same requirement to find friends, edinomykshlennik, communication.The majority in chats is corresponded by people who did not understand taste of happiness, and day after day pour with empty in empty, asking silly questions, stating sketchy phrases from books, trying to build vital theories, and refusing them later.So happens to adults.When the computer the teenager abuses is his ugly embodiment aspirations to finish, receive in addition those vitamins, to vosstanokvit that deficiency which it could not receive in due course.

Then the privacy

When at parents internal tension grows, this communication is for a while torn.Then the privacy that the child could cope with himself is necessary not to tell close people and not to listen from them to any offensive words not to splash out on them the emotions.In the same way and any person, feeling requirement to celebrate natural need of the body, tries to find what that secluded place where it would not offend feelings and comfort of people around.Inability to cope with negative emotions can bring to trouble Today one of the main reasons for socalled domestic violence is inability of people to cope with the emotions.

The child

You offer the child such words which it is possible proiznestz on the contrary, from what the new word for example will turn out: a dream a nose '

And so, that

And so, that it was simpler to us to define, we humiliate the child or simply we demand from him submission owing to natural subordination, estestvenkny responsibility for it, it is necessary to know: if the person, without having refused own desires, finds opportunity to do that demand an obstoyatelstkv from him, according to his destiny, according to the highest will, it is called as humility or submission.But if the person under pressure of circumstances, people or destiny refused the aspirations, the desires, it is called as humiliation because it is blow, it is possible to tell, in the heart of the personality.

All the time

hny cutters.All the time watch, that an upper lip of the child did not touch language.In this situation it is necessary to say a sound y, as before feeling a wide warm exhalation on a palm.The exhalation appears wide because the air stream from two parties bends around races the language put between teeth.It will be heard on too accurate lingering sound l a cart it is possible with the small buzzing shade.Think up what nibud name to this intermediate sound for example, beep steamship.

Training, moving

At a depth to knees to sit down and rest hands against a bottom behind the back, smoothly to raise a basin to a water surface, to straighten feet, socks ottya to put chickpea, the head on water to hold a basin at a water surface c.Slightly bending forward to water to hold the child by both hands, to make a start feet from a bottom and, laying down on water a breast, to raise hips to a water surface.Training, moving forward a back, tows it for itself.When performing exercise it is necessary to watch for extended on body lozheniye without deflection in a waist.

Give, now we will

For example, if it is about cleaning of the room, for the child with such mentality, with such nature to tell the most important Give, begin.Give, now we will start it doing.Give, now we will start cleaning toys.Action creates a necessary resonance.That the parent is occupied, automatically shows opportunity something to make positive, besides, it is one of forms of cooperation, interactions with children.Children till nine years have practically no opportunity to separate themselves as the individual personality as ego.

Sue Monk, head

It demands from them good knowledge, it is necessary for them a potra to tit on it there is as much as possible time and to set it is as much as possible questions.Sue Monk, head of the Working Parents center If you do not have a leaving option for all the rest does not develop the child, also.It very simple truth.It is sure that is important at once to ask all questions, to see as much as possible people and places.Because if it is impossible or it turns out insufficiently well, devilishly it will be difficult to put everything on the places.

Here some

I am not present.Then I began to watch myself.Here some approximate times the dialects which occurred at my place in one day.Child.Mummy, I was tired!Ya.You could not be tired.You just dozed.Child louder.But I was tired.Ya.You were not tired.You simply small sleepyhead.Give to put on.The child cries out.No, I was tired!Child.Mummy, here hot.Ya.

At first

What exactly it will be the sack depends on a family also rounds, but it is always useful to think over possible reaction in advance.At first it is necessary to check, whether the child that understands that he speaks badly not to confuse to a request to explain that these or those words or gestures mean.Small child it can nonplus and lead to the return result.It is also possible to explain that words it is piece strange and when you do not know why kogoto these or those words offend, on to it, it is simple better to remember, you will have a rule that takoyeto you do not speak the word at home.


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