Not butterflies, the Fingertype

Not butterflies, the Fingertype BOWS At little Katyushka to lower hands down, to hold palms parallel to a floor Took seat on the top To put palms on the head.

Not butterflies, the Fingertype game Butterfly see fig.


Not birdies The fingertype game Birdie see fig.


Hold two braids.

To represent a bow on the top: to put fingers in the form of ovals fig.



Bow SCARF The path is sewedis connected, To represent knitting on spokes.

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So happens

So happens Practically even by forty years such person cannot understand, what his taste of happiness.

And the adult man finds multimillion club of people who are united by the same requirement to find friends, edinomykshlennik, communication.

The majority in chats is corresponded by people who did not understand taste of happiness, and day after day pour with empty in empty, asking silly questions, stating sketchy phrases from books, trying to build vital theories, and refusing them later.

So happens to adults.

When the computer the teenager abuses is his ugly embodiment aspirations to finish, receive in addition those vitamins, to vosstanokvit that deficiency which it could not receive in due course.

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