Then the privacy

Then the privacy When at parents internal tension grows, this communication is for a while torn.

Then the privacy that the child could cope with himself is necessary not to tell close people and not to listen from them to any offensive words not to splash out on them the emotions.

In the same way and any person, feeling requirement to celebrate natural need of the body, tries to find what that secluded place where it would not offend feelings and comfort of people around.

Inability to cope with negative emotions can bring to trouble Today one of the main reasons for socalled domestic violence is inability of people to cope with the emotions.

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The child

The child You offer the child such words which it is possible proiznestz on the contrary, from what the new word for example will turn out: a dream a nose '

caviar arches, a cat current, a whale a tic, Azor a rose, etc.


To Reba NOC can say the word, on the contrary, at once, and can precede telno to spread the scheme of the initial word.

The child has to to count number of sounds in the word them owes life; no more than five.

The child has to think out the words consisting from three heels sounds.

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  • Mothers
  • If it is possible
  • Tara continued
  • baby
  • But, unfortunately, here
  • Here that
  • Therefore
  • If still
  • Or you do not grant
  • That the child