For such

For such Later parents and other family members actually reject, deprive of love, sometimes even hate that child who accomodated in himself the greatest, it is possible to tell, amount of negative emotions which were suppressed and squeezed out by other family members.

For such children is characteristic to look for supports, cares, protection outdoors, to create some type of communication where it is not necessary to take the responsibility for unresolved problems of others.

There is very serious principle which otobrakzhat operation of this mechanism of interaction between parents and children.

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But, as a rule, two oneyearold

But, as a rule, two oneyearold At this age they play only with adults or children is more senior than themselves which, supporting interaction, can make game cheerful and easy.

Other kid can seem to us, parents, the good potential partner for our child.

But, as a rule, two oneyearold children, playing together, quickly become sources of boredom and irritation of each other.

All of us observed how children of this age quickly pass from the general game to fight moreover with application of the first plastic toy which fell into hands.

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If you are not happy

If you are not happy If you are not happy how the child behaves, tell it about it and ask it to think up as all is possible to make in a different way: I know that you are angry and were tired to wait svo to it turn, but it does not mean that you can push together Katee from a swing.

It is bad.

As in a different way it is possible to arrange so, that it conceded?

You can sometimes offer alternative lines behavior which will help both of you.

If the child plachet That the child grew the happy because a bruise a knee, any arrangements will not help.

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Now we know

Now we know Rather deeply knowing mechanisms of work of our thin body, the nature of our desires, we bear opredeklyonny responsibility for their application, after all the person who is allocated with a certain knowledge, has bolkshy responsibility, than the person who stays in ignorance.

Now we know that happy and full development of the child requires ability correctly to control the motives, emotions, the feelings, to endure negative emotions, getting rid of them.

We as parents, have to give the chance to the children to understand their own desires, to understand freely, deeply as speak, in a big way, without being afraid of that, having declared the desire, the child will face a nevozmozhknost of his execution for one reason or another, and we should reap the fruits, that is to face rough manifestation of negative emotions of the child.

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Or you do not grant

Or you do not grant We can realize it only from completeness when we possess something that we can give.

We are so arranged.

Nothing else can be invented here.

Therefore that you have no need to build private life, actually is a consequence of that there is no saturation.

Or you do not grant to yourself the right to receive love from those sources which at certain stages of life were available to you.

You are in a certain deficiency of energy of vitamins of love as some psychologists speak.

The vicious circle turns out.

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Unfamiliar Having left the bus, it saw low stone for pine forest.

On it branches kakikhto lay unusual trees, with the glossy figured leaves.

Unfamiliar aromas filled air.

Petya rest muto thought that is near that garden with the wizard, about to speak to Torahs so much.

Now we will check, the boy and re thought shitelno pulled on itself an iron gate.

Garden it was really extremely beautiful, as about it also told.

Petya went on the sandy to path, with astonishment looking back on the parties.

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