To become, having

To become, having The same but to carry out a fungus the left hand.

Help the child, correct errors, pay attention on the correct provision of a brush during a grebk.

To become, having caved in, the right left foot direct ahead, left pra Wai the right left hand above, left prais bent in a knee behind, Wai at a hip and to carry out alternate grebk hands a crawl on to back.

To become, having caved in the right hand above, left at a hip, and to carry out alternate grebk hands a crawl on a back, at the same time small short steps moving ahead a back.

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, and your

, and your, and your sixyearold di tya can start talking on a slang of the contemporaries or to begin to hate carrot only because his best friend hates it.

Some of such manifestations of influence contemporaries are amusing, but others can seriously affect on bu child's shower.

Number of certificates on strengthening of influence of contemporaries everything increases, researches of the nursery are most often mentioned drug addiction in the USA see.

How to make that the child did not become to try drugs.

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Syuz. To me to spit

Syuz. To me to spit The best time today in the evening.

Mother persistently.

We try to find time, which will satisfy your inquiries and mine.


To me to spit on your inquiries!

You it is bad you treat me!

Throws on a floor a coloring and on chinat to cry.


Hey, it is not pleasant to me!

Coloring not throw!

Lifts it and stirs up.

Syuz, if you are revolted with something, tell me it is words.

Tell to me: Mothers, I am angry!

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The even

The even Oral lesson.

The even odd.

Figures and circles lie on a table in the order described above.

The circles lying under some even number, for example, , distribute: One to you, one to me.

The teacher asks: How many circles at you?

How many at me?

The child answers: At everyone on two!

The teacher speaks: Means, at everyone equally.

even number!

Figure and circles corresponding to it are put in an initial order on the one hand of a table.

Now distribute the circles lying under odd number, for example, The child learns that at such distribution everyone will receive different quantity of circles.

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If it does

If it does When syllables are said by the child without difficulties, soob board to it that after a sound z he says a sound r.

After that the child has to say words to repeat them for you, beginning with sound combinations zr and sr zrazas, term, felling, pupil, etc.


Suggest it to say a sound r separately.

If it does not turn out, it is necessary to say a syllable zr the following in a way: a zra ra ra repeating only the second sound.

At first it is necessary to say very quickly, then separating from each other syllables ra increasing and big pauses.

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Why all of you are enough? I ska hall: Hold

Why all of you are enough? I ska hall: Hold Situation Mother.

Stop to run to and fro on prokho du.

I want that you held the mother's cart, so far we in shop.

Why all of you are enough?

I ska hall: Hold the cart!

Put back these bananas.

No, we do not buy them, at our place them fully.

Stop to press tomatoes!

I spin you I prezhdat if you do not hold the cart, you very much will regret.

Take away a hand from here!

I will choose ice cream.

You again run.

Want to fall?

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