Tara continued

Tara continued Brad, you want to ride the Container bicycle, and it does not want, that you did it.

Then I added: I think, to you it is necessary to try to come to the decision, which arranged both of you.

How to speak that children listened How to speak that children listened.

Tara continued to cry, and Brad reflected on some time.

Then he told me: I think that Tara can get up on a luggage carrier and to hold me until we go.

I answered: This decision has to be discussed with Tara, but not with me.

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Especially By the way, many people really do not understand when they are thirsty.

It is one of problems in a diet and in human health today.

For the person who is emotionally healthy, we will call it so, always is in touch with the desires, it is not difficult to understand that he is thirsty.

But there are people who are afraid to show the desires, to seem slabovolkny, impatient.

Especially it often happens to women.

The person convinces himself that it is necessary to spend less time for a toilet that it is less discomfort to cause to people around, it is not necessary to rise in the middle of lecture or occupations at school or during conversation with the person, with the head and to confess that at you such here humiliating requirement, low as it is called, call of the nature.

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Direct purpose: to perceive

Direct purpose: to perceive Eight calls with the white supports, six calls with black supports.

They cover a sound row from With' to With.

Respectively to these calls there are calls with brown supports.

The stick and the muffler are applied to them.

Direct purpose: to perceive sounds of various height.

Indirect purpose: preparation for musical education, training of a thin motility of a brush and ruki.

Age: about three years.

How to work with material.

Calls with white supports stand in the order of behind white fields of a keyboard board.

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David F. When

David F. When I saw before myself a flesh and bone, blood and slime.

It had a purple skin, Needs of the child and your requirements legs blue, and the head kakoyto pointed.

It had dark volosik and huge to a wrinkle sty palms, as at my grandfather.

It was infusion shchy.

It was amazing.

But I did not feel love.

David F.

When Mathew was born, the husband told me that at it the bent leg and flat ear.

It were simply consequences of childbirth which soon passed.

But at that moment I did not pay attention at all on his words.

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If you have

If you have If you have difficulties with statement of a sound x, deliver to the child at first a sound to, and then, leaning on the correct pronunciation of this sound a sound x.

First of all try to cause a pronunciation of sounds x and to on to imitation in the first way.

Statement of a sound x WAY I.

STATEMENT OF THE SOUND ON IMITATION This way can be used, when the child or at all not utters a sound x instead of it the exhalation can be heard, or the deputy nyat it on a sound f.

In operating time over a sound watch, that the child not opened widely a mouth, because of it it is most often broken about iznosheniye of zadneyazychny sounds back part of a back of language not dotyagi it is howled to a nb.

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That the child

That the child That the child grew the happy The child speaks: You will leave, how my mother or the father?

Whether it is safe to love you?

Whether it is safe to rely on you?

Whether you are near or will leave if I am plo the chemical?

Business also that the child in own way tortures sya to heal that part of who speaks: Probably, I was rather bad, time my parent left because somewhere in the child there lives this feeling that if it was better, kinder if it did.

the house tasks or it is not important yet that, it would not occur.

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