Here some

Here some I am not present.

Then I began to watch myself.

Here some approximate times the dialects which occurred at my place in one day.


Mummy, I was tired!


You could not be tired.

You just dozed.

Child louder.

But I was tired.


You were not tired.

You simply small sleepyhead.

Give to put on.

The child cries out.

No, I was tired!


Mummy, here hot.


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At first

At first What exactly it will be the sack depends on a family also rounds, but it is always useful to think over possible reaction in advance.

At first it is necessary to check, whether the child that understands that he speaks badly not to confuse to a request to explain that these or those words or gestures mean.

Small child it can nonplus and lead to the return result.

It is also possible to explain that words it is piece strange and when you do not know why kogoto these or those words offend, on to it, it is simple better to remember, you will have a rule that takoyeto you do not speak the word at home.

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