Therefore After a while this fish was caught by fishermen and in her belly two most beautiful and udivitelkny children found.

Therefore there is such saying: The person assumes, and the Lord has.

On the other hand, who knows, what would occur if our parents used the principles allowing to be embodied in their families only to pious souls?

Perhaps, we with you so never also could not listen to surprising things which source is the Vedic knowledge.

Would not have an opportunity to progress in spiritual life, in understanding of an ispolkneniye of duties, in development of the correct relations with other people.

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The first

The first As children learn to be optimists and quickly to restore composure The love stimulates growth of the child, and also teaches it to vital things.

The first two years of life the child learns to operate the emotions at parents.

Naturally and important for the child to test all negative emotions: fear, grief, disappointment.

But also it is important that the child did not endure them too long or too often.

The travelers who visited the remote corners of our planet where people live neolytic communities often noticed something considerable in their needle, yurtas and straw huts babies of these communities almost never cry.

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Results of researches

Results of researches The state of health was especially depressing at those who considered that any of parents did not care of it in the childhood % of percent from them were seriously sick in the middle age in comparison with % of those to whom both parents gave heat.

Results of researches of immune system say that the love protects your health.

And the love received in the childhood, apparently, helps to keep health throughout all life.

When business reaches an assessment of the extent of happiness quality which is very difficult for measuring, we can always rely on this defining factor health and mortality.

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If it is possible

If it is possible It is very important that your child knew a difference between the fan taziya and reality that he told the truth when it Yim et value i.


almost all the time and that he felt that can tell you everything.

If it is possible to tell everything, Motya the vation to lie significantly decreases.

It is possible to reach it, working in the following directions.

To talk about lie.

It is clear let know that to tell the truth important.

Discuss as the lie can hurt and another, and to the person who lies.

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Mothers At any obsto yatelstvo it is important to remember two facts.

Babies from TV commercial do not cry, do not shout, not an otrygiva yut to you on a back also do not wake up in the most improper time.

Mothers from TV commercial always smile and find time to brush the hair.

Real life has with it no anything the general.

As any person, you have the right for emotions, potrebno st, merits and demerits and also the right for, that sometimes to be mistaken.

You will never become ideal mother, and your kid Ida the alny child, but and has to be.

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