Then it is necessary

Then it is necessary First of all it is necessary to know that training in swimming is possible nachi to nat only with the healthy person.

Therefore before beginning to be engaged, it is necessary to visit the doctor and to receive from him on it razre sheniye.

Then it is necessary to define where training will be provided to swimming and to study measures of accident prevention on water.

In summertime it is possible to organize training in swimming with success on natural reservoirs in the lake, the river with a weak current, a pond.

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Here that

Here that They understood that it is possible to have everything, but only not all at once.

Here that told Millie: When Ben was born, I took a fourmonths child care leave, then worked parttime four months then continued to work with a full employment.

The hatch worked in shifts, and we in turn looked after the son, and at the age of four months we began to bring Ben to the nurse to the house three times a week.

For me it was important to return for work, and I am glad that made it.

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Before you will

Before you will Process of education and creation of the relations long and important.

It is the contribution which is coming back a hundredfold and demanding from parents of time, efforts and understanding.

Before you will start applying the methods offered below, see heads Communication and Work with feelings, as in them a soder to be important information how to encourage good to a pova deniye.

In these heads the principles effective a level are stated Giya of education.

You considerably will affect understanding degree and ability of the child to make contact and tactfully to behave, the EU whether will follow advice.

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For such

For such Later parents and other family members actually reject, deprive of love, sometimes even hate that child who accomodated in himself the greatest, it is possible to tell, amount of negative emotions which were suppressed and squeezed out by other family members.

For such children is characteristic to look for supports, cares, protection outdoors, to create some type of communication where it is not necessary to take the responsibility for unresolved problems of others.

There is very serious principle which otobrakzhat operation of this mechanism of interaction between parents and children.

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But, as a rule, two oneyearold

But, as a rule, two oneyearold At this age they play only with adults or children is more senior than themselves which, supporting interaction, can make game cheerful and easy.

Other kid can seem to us, parents, the good potential partner for our child.

But, as a rule, two oneyearold children, playing together, quickly become sources of boredom and irritation of each other.

All of us observed how children of this age quickly pass from the general game to fight moreover with application of the first plastic toy which fell into hands.

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