If it does

If it does When syllables are said by the child without difficulties, soob board to it that after a sound z he says a sound r.

After that the child has to say words to repeat them for you, beginning with sound combinations zr and sr zrazas, term, felling, pupil, etc.


Suggest it to say a sound r separately.

If it does not turn out, it is necessary to say a syllable zr the following in a way: a zra ra ra repeating only the second sound.

At first it is necessary to say very quickly, then separating from each other syllables ra increasing and big pauses.

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Why all of you are enough? I ska hall: Hold

Why all of you are enough? I ska hall: Hold Situation Mother.

Stop to run to and fro on prokho du.

I want that you held the mother's cart, so far we in shop.

Why all of you are enough?

I ska hall: Hold the cart!

Put back these bananas.

No, we do not buy them, at our place them fully.

Stop to press tomatoes!

I spin you I prezhdat if you do not hold the cart, you very much will regret.

Take away a hand from here!

I will choose ice cream.

You again run.

Want to fall?

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I wanted

I wanted That me at conducted to it?

One night, when I drove over Davy the house on meeting of boy scouts, his leader gave me to pass a sign to other room together with it.

At it lo gloomy face.

What happened?

I asked nervously.

I wanted to talk to you about David.

We have a cart nikl small problems.


David refuses to carry out instructions.

I do not understand.

What instructions?

You have in a look the project on which it works now?

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But, unfortunately, here

But, unfortunately, here Now there are such fashionable movies when scoring does not approach at all that show.

Someone from philosophers says that it is one of secrets ridiculous, as discrepancy of the purpose and way of its achievement.

But, unfortunately, here not to laughter.

After all it is quite possible that the father is very much vysokomoralk ache the personality, the person moral, vysokorekligiozny, responsible, whose family collapsed because of invasion of other person or owing to some views, belief, internal qualities of his former wife, but the child cannot come to contact with these positive qualities as there is a neblagokzhelatelnost, a malicious spirit, internal offense in mother's heart.

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Depending Using special positions, it is possible to put the full pronunciation of sounds l, t', d', r.

After correction of a bite the pronunciation of these sounds is not required to be specified.

In order that sounds turned out more exact, often it is necessary to resort to the exaggerated articulation of lips.

Depending on what sound it is said, lips of the child have to or are stronger move forward forward, or to reveal loudhailer, that is to work is more active, than usually.

After correction of a bite the superfluous the articulation of lips will need to be cleaned, that is to accustom the child to speak lazy, soft lips.

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